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The You-est You® Podcast

Feb 17, 2020

Laura Volk is has been practicing as a landscape designer for over last 20 years. She has degrees in horticulture and landscape architecture, has worked for the park service, design build firms and started her own design business in 2005. Laura is a heart centered entrepreneur all about helping you to have a living legacy, and to create an inspired landscape. Laura is launching her next online program, Create Your Inspired Landscape this February.
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We talked a lot about how to tap into the expression of your heart and soul, for Laura it has been around landscape and creating spaces that foster connection, love and moving through grief in a supported way. Laura shared openly about her father passing and creating a living legacy on the hospital grounds where he was treated before he transitioned. She spoke about how this project helped her to transform her own grief.
Some of the key aspects of this conversation:
  • Know that loved ones passing doesn't mean they are gone, they just transition into a new form. Love your way through grief and find ways to create and be inspired by the loved one who has died.

  • Listening to Abraham Hicks (this is a stream of consciousness that Esther Hicks channels) is an excellent way to connect to your inner self and a higher stream of consciousness, with the focus being on tuning into your inner being and intuition.

  • Habits Laura does to heighten her own intuition: meditation for 15 - 20 minutes/daily, find ways to be happy (create a playlist, dance in the kitchen, focus on what you appreciate), take regular walks in the woods and nature

  • Laura's 'Get Happy' playlist includes:
    • Live life -Zayde Wolf
    • Born for this - Andy Grammar
    • Beautiful Life - Nick Frandiani
    • Looking Up - Safety suit
    • Good Rain - Trevor Hall
    • Phoenix - Olivia Holt
    • My calling - AJR
    • I am light - Indie Arie