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The You-est You® Podcast

May 14, 2024

In this episode we dive into how to speak with the Spirit World and receive answered prayers. 


And yes, my soul friend, you do have Spirit Guides who are listening! 


Shawn Leonard  is a heart-centered Indigenous (Mi’kmaq) Spirit Talker - Psychic Medium. Shawn presently lives in Millbrook 1st Nation, Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada and has been working as a professional in his field for over 25 years. Taking an authentic approach to the Spirit world in his Live events, Radio and TV Appearances, workshops as well as teaching Spirit Talker Tribe online course. At 16 years old, just one year after losing his father to a massive heart attack, Shawn received a visitation and a message from his father in Spirit, "We all have a purpose and one day you will help people understand their lives and bridge the gap between the physical world and the Spirit World." In the three decades since that night Shawn has finely honed his ability as a Spirit Talker/Medium and his connection to the Spirit World. His gift has allowed him to help people all over the world as he communicates with departed loved ones, spirits and guides. The insights they share help us better understand our journey here on earth and provide healing for many people struggling with grief. Shawn is a proud Indigenous Mi’kmaq person who works with spirit to heal hearts. Fittingly,  A respected Mi’kmaq elder gifted him with the name, "White Eagle Spirit Talker.” Star & Host of  APTN TV show “Spirit Talker” Author of “Spirit Talker” Book & “Wisdom of the Elders” Oracle Card Deck - Hay House Publishing


Key Takeaways:

🎙️ Recording messages from Spirit enhances spiritual connections and guidance.

💫 Setting intentions and connecting with spiritual guides enriches experiences.

💡 Life events shape one's path and connection to the spirit world.

🔮 Spiritual encounters foster growth and reveal insights for oneself and others.

🔥 Engaging in ceremonies and conversations with spirit enhances spiritual connection and healing.

🌿 Indigenous traditions like sweat lodge and smudging connect with Spirit and provide guidance through plant medicines.

🦉 Speaking out loud and interpreting symbols enhances spiritual connection and understanding.

💖 Embracing love, forgiveness, and compassion positively impacts and shifts perspectives.


Enjoy this conversation with Shawn!


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