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The You-est You® Podcast

Mar 27, 2023

Meet Rabbi David Aaron

Rabbi David Aaron is a spiritual teacher who has invested over 4 decades delving into life’s BIGGEST question marks and sharing his life-changing wisdom and insights with adults and young adults. He has emerged as the ‘God expert’  simply because he has dared to ask and answer the most difficult questions that he/ALL people have and/or struggle with about God’s existence and their own. And while the name ‘God’ appears on the cover of almost all his books, he doesn’t believe in ‘God’ – not in the popular sense of that word, which leaves the Divine entirely misunderstood. Rabbi Aaron has authored several books, including Endless Light, Seeing G-d, Love is My Religion, The Secret Life of G-d, Inviting G-d In, Living a Joyous Life, and The God Powered Life.  His books have attracted national media attention, including Larry King Live and E! Entertainment. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Chana, and seven children. 


The Meaning of Kabbalah

Just like the Law of Attraction, Kabbalah is about the Law of Reception and the teachings that all good is here now and always. The problem is that we don’t know how to get reception. Rabbi Aaron shares that we’re like radios, and we have to engineer our life to be receptive to hearing God and Good. The most important things in life are not things. Experiencing love, peace, good, and God are always here and available to everyone. And remember, if you don’t vibe with the word God, just substitute the word Good. 


Endless Light

Rabbi Aaron shared more deeply about the title of his book, Endless Light, and how we don’t see light — light allows us to see. God is like the light that allows us to see what’s there. God is a light, even though you can’t see God. It’s not about ‘seeing is believing’, rather, it’s about ‘believing is seeing’. Not seeing is actually believing. What’s most important is to learn to live from the light of God and see opportunities to be of greater service. We’re here to love and be of service to others.


The 4 Steps to Love

Love, by definition, means you don’t have to be worthy to receive it, although many of us get this backward. If you deserve love, it’s not a gift – it’s a payment. Love is a gift and is not a business model. What’s happening is that we don’t have clarity on what we’re here to receive. The greatest gift is our presence and being able to truly and fully be there for and with others, be it our partner, family member, or friend. In truth, we’re all made of love – that’s why we’re here. Love is about giving AND also receiving. 


Rabbi Aaron shared what he calls the 4 ingredients of love: Create space for someone else and move yourself out of the center. 

Respect and honor that the other person is not you and is different from you. Don’t try to make them be like you. 

To give of yourself to another person is giving your presence so they can be seen and heard.

Allow your partner to do the same with you and allow space to receive love. 


Remember that intimacy is ‘into-me-I-see’’s about learning to be comfortable with receiving love.


A beautiful quote:  ‘We’re all pieces of love.’


Accessing Your Personal Power

All the personal power within you is not from you. You couldn’t turn your heart off for 30 seconds because the power of your beating heart doesn’t come from you. Tap into and connect with the power that is beating your heart. Get to know this power that is loving and guiding you. Meditating on your pulse is a great way to access your personal power and feel a deep connection to the miracle that is you. Feel your pulse with your finger. Notice how your pulse is happening without you giving it directions. Meditate on the marvel and mystery that every heartbeat is a gift because all of you is a gift. 


How To Really Be Happy

The way to true happiness is through loving yourself. When you love yourself, you’re happier and are able to spread happiness to others. As Rabbi Aaron said, it’s not the things that will bring you happiness. It’s about being yourself, living your service, and expressing the happiness that comes from living a life that is about being of service to others. 


Holy Selfishness

Holy Selfishness is about knowing that we intrinsically need each other and that the aim is to be loving to others. Love is actually a good selfishness. The goal is to act from a place of wholeness and to focus on being holy, or ‘wholly,’ as you are part of a greater whole. This is holy wholeness.  Love is a good selfishness because it means together we honor and acknowledge the shared one greater self. Kabbalah teaches that we’re all emanating from one root self. Even though we are individual sparks of the Divine, we are also of one field of consciousness, one soul, and one self of the Universe. 


As always, my friend, take what you like and leave the rest. I hope this conversation reminds you of your infinite goodness, your connection to an all-loving force, and that you’re inherently worthy of real love, peace, and joy.




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Sacred Connection

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